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Bed Placement

Medfluent:Bed Placement

Medfluent:Bed Placement is designed to cater to a facility's needs and has the flexibility and customization to allow a facility to make it what they want. The system provides tools exhibiting speed, accuracy, and precision as well as a comprehensive reporting suite focused on precise and automatic accountability.

The system's effectiveness is proven regardless of implementation into a facility’s current process or existing Health Information System. Medfluent:Bed Placement can be integrated into an existing system, work side by side, or stand alone. We understand patient flow doesn't run in absolutes, and what works for one facility isn't exactly what will work in another. Anything and everything can happen; the environment changes constantly. Medfluent:Bed Placement adapts to your business rules, predicts bottlenecks, notifies you before problems arise, and provides real-time access to the information you need to run Bed Placement more efficiently.

A Common Problem

Let's face it: Your bed placement and patient flow process is a mess!

If your organization is like 80% of hospitals in the US that have no system at all to manage bed placement, this statement is likely true for you. Most Bed Placement departments depend on a printout from the primary hospital system for notification of discharged patients. This information is out of date before it's even received. Bed Placement calls Housekeeping to clean the room and waits for them to radio back when it is clean. Room status is often manipulated by Nursing, Bed Placement loses track of patients and rooms, and Housekeeping seems non-existent at times.

Other challenges faced include:
  • • Poor communication, finger-pointing between departments.
  • • Average patient wait time ranging from 2-4 hours, resulting in turning away 2-3 patients per day.
  • • Emergency Department diversion, high LWBS (left without being seen) rate.
  • • Excessive overtime and agency use.
  • • Discovering empty rooms (some even clean) that are in the system as occupied.
  • • No clear visuals or insight into what's happening right now.
  • Numerous and constant patient and physician complaints.

The medfluent Solution

We combine all aspects of patient flow into one system. Medfluent:Bed Placement tracks every area and time span, provides an “at a glance” view of what's happening in real-time, and provides comprehensive reporting for admitting, nursing, & housekeeping. All departments in the health system are involved, creating a culture of communication that leads to precise, data driven decisions.

  • • Flexibility and ability to customize screens, fields, and reports.
  • • System tailored to facility; no need for facility to adapt to meet the system’s needs.
  • • Automated Alerts – text, email, audible, visual.
  • • Remote Access.
  • • Inclusion of ALL departments.

  • • Reduce phone calls and radio use by 90%.
  • • Create a new level of accountability.
  • • 24 hour usability – accountability for night and weekend shifts.
  • • Provide every department their own tool for improving patient flow.

Medfluent:Bed Placement organically evolves to mold to the way hospital staff performs their jobs. The system transforms bed management and creates a culture of communication where everyone feels responsible for patient flow. It is critical for the Patient Flow system to address the needs and usability in every department. With any system, users must feel a level of ownership in order to fully buy-in to the program and process. The automated alert system, which fires based on patient flow events, selections, or gauge status, provides real-time visibility and closes the most common communication gaps.

All departments play a role in patient flow. Medfluent:Bed Placement considers each department's contribution and facilitates improvements and tangible results for both the business and patient.
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